Expect Results

“I had chronic injuries caused when I broke both ankles trying to summit Mt Everest. Both ankles had extensive internal damage and the right ankle had not been set properly. Chet was the first practitioner I found that was able to understand my injuries and alleviate the pain.” – Nabs Al Busaidi – Arab Adventurer

“Dr. Chet treated me at the Timor Leste Mountain Bike Challenge. I had just dislocated my shoulder for the 4th time and the motion was very limited and it was unstable when riding. Within two treatments my shoulder had better range of motion than it has had in 6 years, and it felt very secure. Since then it has remained stable and has allowed me to keep bike racing around the World without problems. Dr.Chet is one of the most down to earth and approachable guys you will ever meet. He listens, and is very optimistic as he works his magic. He not only heals your body, but also any doubts you may have in your mind about the physical condition. By far the best treatment I have had as a Pro mountain biker.”
– Cory Wallace – British Columbia, Canada
– Canadian Marathon Mountain Bike Champion
– 2x World Solo 24 HR Champion

“I attribute my win at the Canadian Masters Championship to your work. Previously the overhead portion of my lifts were not sitting correctly, and once we identified what my issues were, you went straight to work in rectifying them. Within a few sessions I noticed a remarkable difference, and with your advice I was able to further enhance and improve my positioning. Over the years, all too often I had experienced physicians who would not listen, and were not willing to work toward my goals. The answer was often, “Just stop!”, and it felt like I was not given any options to work toward improvement. Not the case with you!  I felt you understood my desire to continue training and wanted to help me resume lifting in the sport I have loved for so long.
– Leigh Willis, Canadian Masters Weightlifting Champion

“I wanted to send a note of sincere gratitude for the amazing results I have experienced after a single session with you recently. In my college years, I was a world class level swimmer and water polo player.  However, now in my late 50’s, I recently found my left shoulder to have greatly reduced range of motion, and ringed with great pain. I then found my right shoulder to have similar limitations and pain. Your explanation on what was taking place within the joints and tendons made perfect sense, and 45 minutes later I felt like a new man.  I can’t express how appreciative I am of what you have accomplished, and impressed with your obvious knowledge and expertise. I have been to many sports doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists over the years, and I can say without a doubt you are the best I have encountered!  Best money I have ever spent.”
– Dan Kent, Sing­apore

“Thank you very much for your treatment, and the training advice you recommended. It helped a lot. I had two 1st Place finishes at the World Masters Rowing Championships in Poland!”
– Igor Anisimov – World Rowing Masters Regatta in Poznan’ Poland with Team Dynamo Moscow”

“After a sport injury my hip tightened up so drastically that I had severe pain for 1½ years. I consulted several specialists who recommended an artificial joint. I am a professional martial artist and wouldn’t even consider this as an option. I tried every alternative I could think of (Rolfing, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Yoga, etc. etc.) but the pain continued to worsen. I couldn’t even walk without pain, let alone do martial arts. One treatment with Chet Collins and my hip felt released from the strangle hold the muscles had on my joint. I immediately extended my overseas stay to get additional treatments. For the first time the downward pain spiral took a major shift and I had hope of leading an active pain free life and even kicking again. Chet is an excellent practitioner. He listens, he cares, and he has a wealth of experience. I am eternally grateful for his role in helping the healing process in my hip. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get out of pain or to increase their performance.”
– Sunny Graff, Taekwondo Master, Frankfurt, Germany
– (Taekwondo World Champion, Pan-American Taekwondo Champion, 4X USA
–  Taekwondo Gold Medalist, Taekwondo Hall of Fame)

“I walked into Chet Collins’ practice at Six Senses Spa with a painful back and heavy heart as I thought my holiday was ruined.  I had incurred an injury in the gym on my first day here, that made the left hand side of my back go completely into spasm. Normally, the recovery period would have been at least 7-10 days, and two visits to the Osteopath.  When Chet said ‘ we’ll have you on the tennis court this afternoon’, I raised my eyebrows! After 1 hour of treatment and some stretching, I walked out a ‘recovered man’.  I did indeed play tennis and have played again since, with no sign of the back injury. I am totally amazed by the results Chet was able to achieve in such a short space of time.”
– Edward Novis – London

“I wanted to say thank you! Thanks to your steer and treatment, I can now run. Yesterday I went out on what is one of my favourite runs around the harbour, but something I have not been able to contemplate for about 2 years. It is a pretty hilly 12 km course with stunning views.  That would not have happened without your assistance.”
– Libby Roy,  Australia

“It’s all about results” – this is the line that remained in my head after having met Dr. Chet, because if there’s one thing he is capable of it is to make results.  20 years ago I had a knee operation and since then my right knee couldn’t bend and move as I wanted it to.  I went to one practitioner after the other, but none really helped me.  After many years of pain, I only had two sessions with Dr. Chet.  After the sessions I could feel the difference right away. What a wonderful feeling after spending so much time in defeat. I’m very optimistic and I now feel I can reach some of my fitness goals, one of them being able to run a half marathon. The answers lie within his magic hands.
– Ellen Holm Nielsen, Denmark