Remember, “It’s All About Results” !

Time and again I hear people talk about how they are trying a new exercise program. When I ask them “what made you change from your previous one?”, they usually say “This one is supposed to be better”.

The new, better program is usually fairly complicated and has varied schedules and mixes of exercises to supposedly address all sorts of detailed training specifics. They are led to believe that every detail is so important, that if you miss even one, your training may be hindered dramatically. The stress of this, especially after missing a workout or two due to life getting in the way, eventually leads them to give up or find the next new and improved version.

In my mind exercise is fairly simple, doesn’t take a tremendous amount of time, and when I miss a workout due to life I am thankful for the added recovery day. Because I know that the most difficult thing in an exercise program is the resting! We are all tempted to do a little more because it may add some positive benefit, but we are never tempted to do a little less for the same benefit. This is due to the lack of easily available quality information.

Here is one of the best articles I have seen stating the scientific validation of exercise protocols for strength and conditioning.  “Strength Training Methods And The Work Of Arthur Jones” in the Journal of American Exercise Physiologists (ASEP) from 2004.

I hope this helps a few folks develop a long term quality fitness program that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Train Smart, Play Hard!