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World Masters Champ!

Earlier in 2011:
“I’m keeping to train for Masters World Championship which will take place in Poland in September. Thank you very much for the training program you have recommended to me. It helps me a lot.”
Igor Anisimov, Moscow, Russia
Update September 2011:
Two, first place finishes at the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Poznan’, Poland by Igor Anisimov and Team Dynamo Moscow! Congratulations! 

Igor Anisimov (front) and team mate Gena Astakhov

New Lease On Life

I have recently been providing Anti-aging Bodywork sessions here at the Sanctuary with wonderful results. It began with a client request to “Just go over everything and make it work better”. They had no specific complaint, but just wanted to see what I might find and how it felt. We scheduled a single one hour bodywork session, and went to work. At the end of the hour I had found quite a few restricted areas in the neck and one shoulder, which were treated and restored to normal motion, before we ran out of time. The next day the client told me, the improvement and feeling of freedom was so amazing that they scheduled five consecutive days of 2 hour sessions. By the end of that week the news was even better, “I feel 20 years younger, and probably move better than I did back then”! They told me the Yoga, Pilates, and exercise classes where so much easier after the first couple sessions. By the time it was time for them to return home, they had plans for a much more active lifestyle, which they had not been able to live due to poor agility and “just feeling old”. Β The sessions changed their idea of what they could do, and they were “ready to get back into it.”

I am seeing great results, with what I now call Intuitive Bodywork Sessions, in both physical improvements and also a greatly increased positive attitude about what clients consider possible in their lives. Most have gone from feeling like they are getting old, to realizing that they can still do almost everything and even start improving again! What a treat to to see, I love my work!