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2011 Weightlifting Masters Championships

Hi Dr. Chet, just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with my many injuries. Being involved in Olympic Weightlifting since I was 14, and now at 42, I have developed quite a list. I was especially truly grateful for your assistance with my shoulder positioning as you were able to get me back into those optimal lifting positions that were seemingly slipping away as I got older.

I attribute my win at the 2011 Canadian Masters Championship to your work. Previously the overhead portion of my lifts were not sitting correctly and once we identified what my issues were, you went straight to work in rectifying them. Within a few sessions I noticed a remarkable difference and with your advice I was able to further enhance and improve my positioning. That was another benefit from your treatment, as I was given take away exercises and guidelines to continue my progression.

I really appreciated your approach and genuineness when listening to my concerns and addressing my rehabilitation. I felt you understood my desire to continue training and wanted to help me resume lifting in the sport I have loved for so long. Over the years all too often I had experienced physicians who would not “listen” and not be willing to work with a patient. The answer was often just stop, and it felt like I was not given any options to work towards improvement. Not the case with you!

I trust you have helped so many others in your practice, but for me you were what brought me back and so I wanted to say again “Thank you so much!”

Leigh Willis, 2011 Canadian Masters Champion Weight Lifting

Thank You From London

“Thank you so much for your follow up and particulary for the treatment you squeezed in before you left. It has undoubtedly made a difference. In fact when I went to my Osteopath, she said my mid back was more free than she had ever known it !”
Angela Stone, London, UK

Run, Run, Run!

Dr. Chet,

Just wanted to say Thank you so much for helping Jaelen get over her injury. She ran a horrific, hard,awful 3K course, wet and soggy and fell down and barely missed her PR. She feels great today. She’s ready to run strong this next Saturday in Seattle. Thanks for being part of her team.

Holly Jo Ledgerwood, MD,  Eugene OR, USA

Thanks From California

Hi Dr.Chet,   I’ve been meaning to write to  thank you and tell you
how  good my foot feels.     I am walking much better.   I hadn’t
realized how much compensation  was occurring  because of that sore
toe joint  to the point that my whole foot had become very stiff.
And amazingly enough my toe is getting much better now.   It’s been
sore  for a long time.    Years I think .    I  can’t   thank you

Faye Coddington, California, USA

Turkish Thank You

(Translation from Turkish)
Since September 2010 my movement capacity has been mostly blocked because of severe pains on my right knee, upper leg and hip.
Different kinds of pain, hurting in different positions, movements were totally making me depressed and unable to walk, sit, use stairs, or do sports… 

The doctors examined the M.R films for months, mentioned more than four diagnosis in Latin words. Finally they called and say “we don’t know how to cure your problem. It’s rare; we haven’t experienced anything like this. We don’t even understand where the main problem is since it is expanded to many areas, all we can say is with time and resting it might get better.”

When I met Dr.Chet it had been almost a year that I had been dealing with these pains and immobility problems. As the doctor said, in time the pain was a little lighter, certain movements were more doable, but the main problem was still not being able to rotate my right leg or bend my knee. Like sitting cross leg or tying my shoe laces was totally undoable because of the pain.

I explained the stages I’ve been through and the pain levels (level of making me throw up, and have tears in my eyes at certain months) in detail to Dr. Chet. We had a session of 2 hours to release the muscles around hip, upper leg and knee. And the next day during the second session Dr. Chet was able to restore the ability to rotate my leg.
He was leaving the next morning so the time was not enough to cure all the other problems of my leg though he professionally understood the main problem of rotation and worked on it.

He kindly showed me some stretching exercises, pressure techniques to do at home to keep those muscles relaxed and to ease the problems around knee.

I totally recommend to everyone, who has chronic muscle pains which last long months, to find Dr. Chet anywhere in the world and find relief in his methods of healing.

Eda İÇTEN, Sapanca, Turkey
(Original Turkish) 

Eylul 2010’dan beri sag dizim, ust bacagim ve kalcamdaki agrilardan dolayi hareket kapasitem azalmis durumdaydi. 3 bolgede de farkli noktalarda farkli hareketlere gore agrilar degiskenlik gosteriyordu ve yurumek, oturmak, merdiven kullanmak, spor yapmak mümkün olmadigindan hem fiziksel hem ruhsal bir tutulma icine girmistim.

Degisik sehirlerde farkli doktorlar M.R. filmlerimi aylarca inceledikten sonra soylemesi bile zor olan Latince dortten fazla teşhis koyup  “sizin probleminizi nasil iyilestirebilecegimizi bilemiyoruz, cok nadir gorunen rahatsizliklariniz var, boyle bir hasta ile hic karsilasmadik, siddetli agrilariniz bircok noktaya da dagilmis oldugundan problemin baslangic noktasini da bulamiyoruz. Soyleyebilecegimiz tek sey dinlenerek zamanla iyilesebilecegidir.” dediler.

Dr. Chet ile tanistigimda agrilarimin ve hareket kisitlamalarimin bir senesi dolmak üzereydi. Doktorlarin da dedigi gibi zaman gectikce agrilarim azaliyordu, bazi hareketleri yapabilir duruma gelmiştim. Asil problem bacagimi dondurmek (ayagimi sag ve sola ceviremiyordum) dizimi bukmek gibi hareketlerdeydi. Bagdas kurmak, ayakkabimi baglamak imkansizdı.

Bir senedir gecirdigim evreleri, agri seviyelerini (bazi aylar gozümden yaslar gelecek ve agridan istifrag edecek kadar) Dr. Chet’e detayli olarak acikladim.
2 saate yakin bir seansla diz, ust bacak ve kalca bolumundeki kasları rahatlattı. Bir sonraki gun ikinci seansda bacagimin rotasyon kabiliyetini tekrar aktive etti.

Ertesi sabah ayrilacagi için bacagimdaki diger bolgelerde olan agrilari iyilestirecek vakti olamadi, profesyonelligi ile basilica sorunun rotasyon problemi oldugunu anlayip onun uzerinde calisti.

Diger problemlerin yarattigi agrilari hafifletmek, o bolgelerdeki kaslari rahatlatabilmek icin evde uygulayabilecegim bir kac esnetme hareketi ve baski teknigi gosterdi.

Kronik, uzun sureli kas agrilari ceken herkese dunyanin neresinde olursa olsun Dr. Chet’i bulup onun iyilestirme tekniklerine teslim olmalarini tavsiye ederim.


Running Again After Two Years

Dear Chet

I wanted to say thank you! Thanks to your steer and treatment, I can now run.

I went out a week ago, on my 45th birthday as it happens, and ran 40 mins in my five finger shoes, about 7 kms. My calves did scream at me for a couple of days following but some stretching and they were fine after a couple of days. Yesterday I went out on what is one of my favourite runs around the harbour but something I have not been able to contemplate for about 2 years. It is a pretty hilly 12 km course with stunning views. I wore my nike free shoes. Today I have a blister on one of my feet but otherwise my knees and back are pretty good and I just finished a 2 hour yoga session.

Anyway the main message is THANKS! I feel like I can now run and have a platform off which I can only improve. That would not have happened without your assistance.

Libby Roy, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Relief At Last

Dear Dr Chet,

Greetings from sunny Helsinki.

I have returned from my Asia trip, and wanted to send you a thank you note. I had two sessions with you a few weeks ago at Six Senses Spa. I am really grateful for your help with my back problems.  I feel my back is in good shape, and no pain experienced after the treatments. I must admit, I was a little skeptical, as I have tried a lot of different methods before (physical therapy , acupuncture, massage etc) and it has helped for a day or two , but not for a longer period.  What was a revelation for me , was that you treated the whole body , and of course, everything is linked – the stiffness in one part of your body causes pain somewhere else. I will  keep on going to stretching classes and through that hoping to maintain the good results.

N.B., Helsinki, Finland

World Championships In Sight

Dear Chet,
I participated in the international rowing competition in St.Petersburg, Russia (class M8). Our team (Moscow 2) was the 4th after St.Pet.1, Germany and United States. Taking into account that the average age of our team is 50 and others are about 25 this result is a very good for us.
I’m keeping to train for Masters World Championship which will take place in Poland in September. Thank you very much for the training program you have recommended to me. It helps me a lot.
I.A., Moscow, Russia

Don’t Give Up!

I am working in the Wellness Industry since many years and I would say I have a pretty good lifestyle with good nutrition, regular physical exercise and stretching. Though I know how to keep my body in shape and how to treat it well, I always had problems with my shoulders: Constantly stiff and paining. Therefore I went for different kinds of massages, went through physiotherapy and tried many other things – also a regular streching routine didn’t help to loosen up the upper back muscles. After each treatment with a therapist the answer was “Forget it – we can’t soften your back muscles”. Ok, so I gave up.

Until now: Today I feel the first time less tension and dont feel the headache I used to get from this cramped muscles – thank you Dr. Chet.

-Carina Lipold, Austria, Living in Qatar