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Relief At Last

Dear Dr Chet,

Greetings from sunny Helsinki.

I have returned from my Asia trip, and wanted to send you a thank you note. I had two sessions with you a few weeks ago at Six Senses Spa. I am really grateful for your help with my back problems.  I feel my back is in good shape, and no pain experienced after the treatments. I must admit, I was a little skeptical, as I have tried a lot of different methods before (physical therapy , acupuncture, massage etc) and it has helped for a day or two , but not for a longer period.  What was a revelation for me , was that you treated the whole body , and of course, everything is linked – the stiffness in one part of your body causes pain somewhere else. I will  keep on going to stretching classes and through that hoping to maintain the good results.

N.B., Helsinki, Finland