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Bali Organic

Breakfast view from Sari Organik

Rice is a Bali tradition. The entire island has developed to grow it, water it, subsist on it. As the the water flows down from the mountains toward the sea, it is guided through the rice fields the entire way.

Just up the hill from the town of Ubud, there is an organic farm that provides fresh produce throughout the year. Sari Organiks grows not just rice, but garden vegetables as well. An onsiteย restaurant serves delicious food, fresh from the gardens! A pleasant walk of just under a kilometer, meanders along a path through the rice fields. A great place for a morning walk and breakfast. Though they are open into the evening for dinner as well.ย  A tasty treat awaits at the end of a beautiful walk.

Bali Biking Is The Best!

Ubud Art Bike

The lush scenery and mountain roads are unbelievable for cycling here in Bali. Mix that with the artistic community of the town of Ubud, and you get a rich addition to the already great riding. We discovered this art bike while out on a morning ride a few days ago. The mountain biking and road riding are fantastic on the slopes of Mount Batur, above Ubud. Well paved roads and little traffic offer great hill climbs and long curving descents that any cyclist would love. Do yourself a favor and don’t let the crazy traffic in the towns scare you away from the amazing experience of riding the slopes of Bali.