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Don’t Give Up!

I am working in the Wellness Industry since many years and I would say I have a pretty good lifestyle with good nutrition, regular physical exercise and stretching. Though I know how to keep my body in shape and how to treat it well, I always had problems with my shoulders: Constantly stiff and paining. Therefore I went for different kinds of massages, went through physiotherapy and tried many other things – also a regular streching routine didn’t help to loosen up the upper back muscles. After each treatment with a therapist the answer was “Forget it – we can’t soften your back muscles”.ย Ok, so I gave up.

Until now: Today I feel the first time less tension and dont feel the headache I used to get from this cramped muscles – thank you Dr. Chet.

-Carina Lipold, Austria, Living in Qatar


A Spa To Get Lost In!

Six Senses at Sharq Village Ritz-Carlton

Original Qatari architecture of the Six Senses Spa

We arrived at the Six Senses Spa at Sharq Village on January 3. For the first few days, I found myself lost in the maze of it’s 70,000 square feet of narrow passages and dozens of treatment rooms.

We have been welcomed by the wonderful staff of Six Senses and Sharq Village Ritz-Carlton. The excitement over the past week, with the Asian Cupย Tournament, hosted here in Doha,ย has been felt each day. We look forward to the next two weeks and will be departing January 31.