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Running Again After Two Years

Dear Chet

I wanted to say thank you! Thanks to your steer and treatment, I can now run.

I went out a week ago, on my 45th birthday as it happens, and ran 40 mins in my five finger shoes, about 7 kms. My calves did scream at me for a couple of days following but some stretching and they were fine after a couple of days. Yesterday I went out on what is one of my favourite runs around the harbour but something I have not been able to contemplate for about 2 years. It is a pretty hilly 12 km course with stunning views. I wore my nike free shoes. Today I have a blister on one of my feet but otherwise my knees and back are pretty good and I just finished a 2 hour yoga session.

Anyway the main message is THANKS! I feel like I can now run and have a platform off which I can only improve. That would not have happened without your assistance.

Libby Roy, Sydney, NSW, Australia