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Soft Sand Makes For Hard Running


Sayulita, Mexico.
Running, and walking, in the soft sand can greatly improve your ankle and hip stability. Begin with short efforts though! The increase in the activation of the stabilizing muscles can be quite high, and quickly result in an overuse injury if you are not careful. Allow your muscles time to adapt to the new stresses by adding some walking, or short runs, in the sand. Mix these sessions in a bit each week and pay close attention to any new tightness or fatigue in the muscles around the ankles and hips. Enjoy!

Running Again After Two Years

Dear Chet

I wanted to say thank you! Thanks to your steer and treatment, I can now run.

I went out a week ago, on my 45th birthday as it happens, and ran 40 mins in my five finger shoes, about 7 kms. My calves did scream at me for a couple of days following but some stretching and they were fine after a couple of days. Yesterday I went out on what is one of my favourite runs around the harbour but something I have not been able to contemplate for about 2 years. It is a pretty hilly 12 km course with stunning views. I wore my nike free shoes. Today I have a blister on one of my feet but otherwise my knees and back are pretty good and I just finished a 2 hour yoga session.

Anyway the main message is THANKS! I feel like I can now run and have a platform off which I can only improve. That would not have happened without your assistance.

Libby Roy, Sydney, NSW, Australia