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2011 Weightlifting Masters Championships

Hi Dr. Chet, just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with my many injuries. Being involved in Olympic Weightlifting since I was 14, and now at 42, I have developed quite a list. I was especially truly grateful for your assistance with my shoulder positioning as you were able to get me back into those optimal lifting positions that were seemingly slipping away as I got older.

I attribute my win at the 2011 Canadian Masters Championship to your work. Previously the overhead portion of my lifts were not sitting correctly and once we identified what my issues were, you went straight to work in rectifying them. Within a few sessions I noticed a remarkable difference and with your advice I was able to further enhance and improve my positioning. That was another benefit from your treatment, as I was given take away exercises and guidelines to continue my progression.

I really appreciated your approach and genuineness when listening to my concerns and addressing my rehabilitation. I felt you understood my desire to continue training and wanted to help me resume lifting in the sport I have loved for so long. Over the years all too often I had experienced physicians who would not “listen” and not be willing to work with a patient. The answer was often just stop, and it felt like I was not given any options to work towards improvement. Not the case with you!

I trust you have helped so many others in your practice, but for me you were what brought me back and so I wanted to say again “Thank you so much!”

Leigh Willis, 2011 Canadian Masters Champion Weight Lifting